History of Subsidiary establishment

Slavutich was charted at the map of Ukraine in 1987 after the most man-caused catastrophe on Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant (ChNPP) and now is town with unique accumulated engineering human potential. These specialists have gained work experience in other nuclear energy facilities of former Soviet Union and who took part in elimination of nuclear catastrophe consequences and now solve problems of energy units decommissioning and transformation of the object Shelter into ecology safety system.

Weighed politic of State Nuclear Regulatory Committee of Ukraine (SNRCU) play important part of realizing safety processes on ChNPP site. Scientific and technical support of SNRCU carry out State Scientific and Technical Center of nuclear and radiation safety (SSTC NRS) and established in 1995 Slavutich Subsidiary which became its subdivision.

Personnel of Slavutich Subsidiary (SS SSTC NRS) has higher educational level and qualification. 90% of specialists have one or two higher educational degrees related to nuclear technology, quality systems and radiation safety. Personnel of SS SSTC NRS make good use of modern technical base and is able to fulfil problems put by high intellectual and technical level.

During your lifetime Slavutich Subsidiary expanded to the largest separate subdivision of SSTC NRS. Lines of activity of Subsidiary are scientific, technical and expert support on the area of normative regulation, decommissioning of NPP energy units, physical protection of nuclear facilities and materials in field of nuclear energy utilization. Over not far location of Chernobyl Exclusion Zone and new priorities in politic of State Nuclear Regulation of Ukraine recently Slavutich Subsidiary began new direction of scientific and technical support of regulatory activity for safety treatment of radioactive wastes and spent nuclear fuel.

As a consequence of your activity Slavutich Subsidiary developed successful business relations with major partners by different directions of activity. They are Ukrainian nuclear power plants (Chernobyl NPP, Rivne NPP, Khmelnitski NPP and Zaporozhye NPP), NNEGC Energoatom, State Committees, research institutions, construction companies, State Corporation RADON and foreign partners like Company Technicatom (France), Pacific North West National Laboratory (USA, Richland), firm GRS mbH (Germany), Company RISKAUDIT I.P.S.N/GRS International (France) and other.

Depend on more than ten-year experience and high level of hardware collective of Slavutich Subsidiary SSTC NRS hope for the consolidation and developing of its activity and expansion of mutually beneficial business relations with all interested partners.

Activity objectives

Scientific and expert support of State Nuclear Regulation on problems of regulatory of nuclear and radiation safety in treatment of radioactive wastes and spent nuclear fuel, nuclear facilities decommissioning and physical protection.

The Subsidiary consist of
  • Department of scientific and technical support of decommissioning and radioactive wastes treatment;
  • Normative Analytical Department;
  • Department of hardware and operations.

Subsidiary make works to order of interested parties
  • Making of scientific and technical production (REDA);
  • Scientific, technical and analytical works;
  • Development and correction of normative documents and methods;
  • Improvement of normative and legal base in framework of international projects.
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